Northeast Technical Sales Inc. (NTS) is a manufacturers representative and distributor of products and services for the gas and liquid controls indusrty. NTS was established in 1987. Our customer base consists of OEM and End Users throughout the United States and Canada.

Northeast Technical Sales Inc. offers consulting services to our existing and potential customers. We work closely with engineering departments in the initial phases of product design. Once the manufacturing process is reached, NTS works directly with purchasing to establish an inventory control program.

Our reputation is well known throughout the industry for our on-sight work and specifying components into products. We have direct access to our principals manufacturing and service departments to handle any field evaluations and upgrades.

Northeast Technical Sales Inc. personally interacts with its customers through all phases of design and manufacturing. We excel in building  relationships between our customer and our principals. NTS is recognized in the industry for taking pride in the service that we provide.